New initiative against food waste in Denmark: SAVE & HELP

New revolutionary initiative against food waste has been launched in Denmark today: SAVE & HELP. Stop food waste and help food insecure families. World Premiere! Stop food waste - and help food insecure families at the same time: Danish People's Aid, Stop Wasting Food and KIWI Denmark have joined forces in the battle to combat food waste and help food insecure families in Denmark in a new nationwide initiative SAVE & HELP.

SAVE & HELP launches all across Denmark this Saturday in all KIWI Denmark stores all across the country. 

SAVE & HELP campaign is stickers on good food items, which are nearing their expiry date. Every time a customer buys a product with SAVE & HELP sticker, KIWI Denmark donates 1 DKK to the Danish People's Aid (Dansk Folkehjælp). It allows customers to fight food waste while helping vulnerable and food insecure families in Denmark. 

SAVE & HELP gives consumers a good and easy incentive to buy good food nearing its expiry date, while helping stores to reduce food waste while helping vulnerable and food insecure families in Denmark. 

It is an easy, tangible and measurable way to make a difference in everyday life on several levels. The idea for SAVE & HELP initiative was developed by the Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark (Stop Spild Af Mad).

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